Graphic Arts Newsletter July 2011

Be Prepared... Océ PRISMAprepared!

PRISMAprepareWe’ve all heard that Boy Scout slogan “Be Prepared.” That's exactly what Océ PRISMAprepare™ software does for document workflow in the graphic arts environment. It is an all-in-one document preparation software tool set that speeds up job preparation in your prepress workflow. Whether it's collecting and cleaning up pages, enhancing documents, or assigning media or finishing devices, Océ PRISMAprepare all-in-one document preparation software automates your pre-press workflow from composition through production.

Device-independent Océ PRISMAprepare prepress software uses a standard PDF workflow so users get the full power of Océ and non-Océ production cut-sheet printers. Booklet creation, impositioning, color split and merge, color management and adding finishing marks, as well as hard copy proofing become relatively simple processes.

Productive by design

The software tool is designed to increase productivity in the prepress arena. Key capabilities include:

  • Composition make-ready: collect PDF sections from digital and analog sources

  • Image make-ready: correct and clean up imperfections — replace, change or modify (image) colors

  • Layout make-ready: define the document’s final layout

  • Media make-ready: assign media to pages and sections

  • Production make-ready: accelerate productivity and choose the right production and finishing devices for the job

With Océ PRISMAprepare software, you can automate every step to your prepress workflow.

Designed with the user in mind

Everything about Océ PRISMAprepare prepress software is designed to make job preparation fast, easy, and productive. The graphical user interface is based on the familiar Océ Ocean design.

With a WYSIWYG preview of the job, what you see on-screen is exactly what will print. And that applies to finishing options, too — you can display the exact position of staples, hole punches, and folds, and illustrate where full-bleed tabs will be positioned — an industry first for innovative print rooms.

This versatile prepress software solution is easy enough for entry-level users to master and powerful enough for expert users to add even more value to PDF documents.

Recently, Océ released version 5.2 of Océ PRISMAprepare software. Graphic Arts customers benefit from the latest release. One of the most important features of Océ PRISMAprepare version 5.2 software is the ability to drive the Canon imagePRESS C7010VPS system with the Océ PRISMAsync™ software controller. This provides a common front-end interface for production efficiency for Canon, Océ, and non-Océ devices, and helps customers unify workflow across monochrome and color devices. Document preparation is enhanced through a new automation tool. Users can record preparation steps in a template, which can easily be recalled for other documents. In addition, pre-recorded templates can be called directly from the command line interface without user interaction, significantly reducing costly, non-billable preparation time. Output flexibility has been expanded with cut-and-stack impositioning, which is often needed for books. Users can also add logos and stamps for manuals, sensitive documents, and drafts.

When you want to get prepared in today's complex graphic arts market, Océ PRISMAprepare software clearly offers an answer.

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